Want “BIG BOOB’S & FAT A$S” like Kylie Jenner?! Buy THIS “BUTT” cream! #WTF?!

If you wanna have big boobs and a huge a$s, who better to take advice from than a 17 year old?!

Kylie Jenner aka King Kylie, now the most followed person on SnapChat is sharing breast and booty secrets!

So how does the littlest Jenner get all of that a$$,a$$,a$$,a$$,a$$ AND how much will it cost you?!


I can’t believe she wants us to believe THAT’s how to get a fat ass…

Ima go buy a jar now. 😉



Kylie Jenner uses PureLeef!!! 😍😍

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You're my darling angel babyyyyy

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