Are Lash Extensions right for YOU?

The good, the bad and the PRETTY about lash extensions!

I’ve had lash extensions for over two years now and absolutely LOVE them, but it wasn’t always that way.

My first experience with lash extensions was an ugly one.

They were a gift, from a friend, with good intentions, but turned out to be a bad application method.

The lashes were NOT placed on each individual lash and instead were kind of “dumped” on in “clumps”.

Needless to say they all fell out, along with my own natural lashes. I was HORRIFIED and swore I’d never get them again.

Never say never!

I met Jeaninne Sena, owner of Euphoria Lash Studio and Med Spa, through a promotion for one of the the radio stations I work for, (Albuquerque)

She offered a FREE set to help promote her ad and I declined.

After she came onto my show and explained what her place does vs others, I finally decided to give it a try and got a GLAMOUR set!

Each extension was carefully placed individually on my own lashes and the result was AMAZINGLY long luscious lashes that NEVER need mascara and allow me to wake up looking wide eyed and ready!

I was hooked and have been a loyal customer ever since!

Yes – I pay for my lashes, just like you do!

I don’t think I’ll ever be without them, again!

The only difference now is I have moved up to the new 3D lashes which are more expensive, but even fuller than the Glamour and as soft as mink!

Here are my 3D lashes!dclashes1

So the question remains, “Are lash extensions right for you?”

They are an expensive habit, but so was the drive thru when I’d buy my fast food, BEFORE I committed to this.

The cost for a fill is $45 – $55 and I go in about every 4 weeks. A new set is priced between $100 to $250, depending on which you choose.

For me, it’s an easy choice and the lashes take precedence over a burger meal, ALL DAY!

Oh! BTW, since so many have asked, my lip color is “Pretty Woman” by It Cosmetics!

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