Before you “Spray Tan” read this!

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Pale, olive skin with yellow undertones. That’s me.


I wanted dark, bronze, beautiful skin so I began to tan as a teen.

When I first started, I did it the old fashioned way – I baked in the sun for hours with no sunblock. Then I discovered the tanning bed so I went from sweating for hours outdoors to an indoor weird smelling cocoon in an attempt to darken my skin.

They both worked well! I had the dark skin I wanted so I was happy, but I didn’t know I was literally risking my life by exposing myself to UVA/UVB rays which cause skin cancer.

Luckily I didn’t get it, but I do have the scars that are caused by sun BURN. A tan is a burn healing. The side effect of the look I achieved are dark freckles, uneven skin and hyperpigmentation on my face. Real attractive…


If I only knew then, what I know now. If I had a dollar for every time I said that I’d be rich!

I met D’lany, owner of Madd Tan, and talked to her about her airbrush tanning technique. I looked at before and after photos and decided to give it a try.

I love the look! I’m bronze and golden, not orange and streaky!

The airbrush tan gives me the color I desire with absolutely no risk! Of course we’ve all seen the BAD spray tan and it’s orange participant’s.

The color is custom made for every client, barrier cream is applied to areas that tend to get darker, (knees/elbows), and in a matter of minutes, voila! I look like I spent a month on the beach!

This color is courtesy of Madd Tan!

No matter where you go to get your tan, make sure, you exfoliate, the product is FDA approved and whoever is spraying you uses a color that won’t make you look like you’re ready to be cast as an extra in Willy Wonka 2.

I asked D’lany for pricing and specials and she graciously submitted this!

MaddTan offers organic custom spray tans for $35. Air brush spray tans are applied by an airbrush gun and can last anywhere between 7-14 days, completely depending on how you prepare and care for them. MaddTan sends you an email when you book that has everything you need to know before you come to your appointment. I am located in Old Town and we are by appointment only. We tan primarily in the evenings, opening at 6pm to help you avoid accidents by tanning close to bed time! ( we do work with you as best we can if evenings just don’t work)! 
$35 single tan 
$60 Besties who tan together stay together 
(Must be booked at the same appointment time)
$55 monthly unlimited tanning 
(Invoices emailed on the 1st of every month, no contract)
$100 first time tanner package
(Includes pre tan exfoliater, shower gel, tan extender and 1 tan, $40 savings)
Tanning parties!!
We come to you! Host a party with you and 6 friends and you tan for free! Each guest tans at $25!!! They save $10 and you save $35!  ($40 deposit,or cc required to book, please book well in advance!) 

Here’s some facts about what MaddTan uses:

The solution is aloe-based and made with all naturally derived and FDA approved ingredients.  The DHA in this product (active sunless ingredient) is 100% organically derived and non-GMO.  Additionally the solution is alcohol free, paraben free and fragrance free.

Each level of solution is specially formulated for a specific skin type, ranging from light to dark allowing me to give you the best, most natural looking tan! (505)715-7476 to book your appointment or tan party!

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