An Open Letter to Kim and Kanye West. — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) April 20, 2017 Dear Kanye and Kim, You don't know me, but I've known about you both for over a decade. As a member of the media, I've spent a great deal of my professional career playing your music, Mr. West, talking about your reality show, Mrs. West, and gossiping ...

EXPOSED! JLo, Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian plastic surgery secrets revealed!

I sat down with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ayala's Clinical Director, Alina Olthuis, to discuss the before and after photos of Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian! We know these ladies always look gorgeous, but HOW do they do it?! Their SECRETS have been EXPOSED!   CLICK here to WATCH the video HERE! You can contact ...

Kaskade talks favorite city, Justin Bieber & influences!

I had the opportunity to sit down with mega dj/producer Kaskade and ask him about his signature sound and his most memorable experience.   Wow! Performing in front of one hundred thousand people sounds amazing, but it's what he had to say about Justin Bieber that definitely surprised me! Watch the full video here   Thank you Kaskade for the ...

Tyga gifts Kylie Jenner a 6 figure car for her 19th bday!

Tyga and Kylie have had their ups and downs, but for now, it looks like the two are definitely UP! Kyle, who turns 19 August 10th, was elated when bf Tyga surprised her with a very expensive gift! The Mercedes Benz Maybach set T Raww back over $200,000! Didn't he just have a couple of cars repo'd???? Love ...

Malia Obama “twerks” at Lollapalooza!

Teens love to twerk and the First Family's 1st born is no different than any other kid. She may be Harvard bound, (2017), but before school takes over her life, how about a little Lollapalooza! She was definitely enjoying herself! Malia got those dance skills from Dad. Wiggy wiggy wiggy wiggy wiggy        

Kylie Jenner’ “SHORTEST” haircut ever!

Teen queen Kylie Jenner's cutting edge style never goes unnoticed! This time, her new CUT is what the internet is buzzing about!   Ky gave us a peek, on her snapchat, of her hair extensions being removed and her own hair getting snipped!                                                         Now she's showing off an extra short bob via her instagram page!   Her legions of followers ...

Leonardo DiCaprio back at it again with a “model!”

Leonardo DiCaprio photographed gettin' cozy with a tall blonde.   Yes, she's a model.   Who is she? Nina Agdal, a long legged beauty, who was hangin' with Leo in Montauk, NY, at the Crow's Nest.   Ga dang   Anyone wanna loan this woman some pants?  

Tyga showing off the “NEW” girl in his life!

26 year old, newly single rapper, Tyga is on vacay in Jamaica and he isn't sulking over his recent breakup with teen lover Kylie Jenner.   Enjoying the beauty of the beach.     And the beauty on the beach, Yeezy model, Amina Blue   She's "haute" for sure.  

A very “SLIM” Kim Kardashian posts NEW bathing suit selfie!

Rich or not, if you wanna lose weight, you gotta work! And that's exactly what Kim Kardashian's been doing.   Here's Kim in mid-May   Her latest instagram photo shows an even slimmer Mrs. West   Even though she says she's gained a few pounds while on vacation, looks like she's on her way to reaching her goal of 125 lbs!