Amanda Bynes RELEASED from psychiatric hospital and still VERY ILL!

Mental illness is very misunderstood – even by the law.

TMZ reports Amanda Bynes went before a hearing officer and asked to be released. Amanda has been taking her medication and sounds better than before so the hearing officer felt Amanda was stable enough so she could NOT be held involuntarily! He ended the 30 day hold and Amanda left the facility even though her PHYSICIANS say she is mentally ill and needs to stay longer!

She wandered the streets of Sunset Blvd searching for a place to stay and ended up at a diner where she ate and talked to herself throughout her dinner.

TMZ has posted VIDEO and more details!

I really hope our judicial system begins to understand the severity of mental illness and what it could mean for the person who needs treatment.

While people laugh at her tweets and think this is silly, she is a very sick woman and needs help!

Photo credit: TMZ

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