Amber Rose says “KISS my MILFY a$$ b****es!”

Sebastian’s Mom has got it goin’ on and she doesn’t give two f***s what anyone thinks!
amber Sebastian mom

Amber Rose, ex-wife of Wiz Khalifa, and Mother of their 1 year old son, Sebastian, has been taking a lot of heat from her fans on social media because of pics like this!
Amber Rose one piece front

Now that Miss Rose is a mom, some think she should tone down the sexy, provocative videos and pictures!

I don’t get it. Did folks think Amber was suddenly going to get a job as a rocket scientist just because she had a baby.
Amber Rose side pose

I guess we’ll just have to keep staring at her a$$.

Or, if you don’t like it, why not “unfollow” her? Now there’s an idea!

Photo credit: Amber Rose Instagram

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