Usher SEX TAPE for sale!

Anyone wanna see Usher having SEX – not in the club either?!

TMZ reports the person who robbed Usher and broke into his car in ATL in 2010 is trying to sell a SEX TAP that features him and ex-wife Tameka!

The thief stole 2 laptops, 2 video cameras and a million dollars in jewelry, but apparently they want more!


Mark Geragos is Usher’s attorney and is working hard to find the person who’s trying to sell this tape and no adult film company will buy it because Usher would never sign off! The man is hitting blogs directly, trying to make a quick buck and this could land the person in prison!

CLICK the TMZ link to view document and get the FULL Story!

Photo credit: TMZ
Source: TMZ

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