79yr old man calls police “I haven’t eaten in 2 days.” 4 Officers come to his rescue! #HEROoftheWeek!

William Isabell, a 79 year old disabled man, picked his phone up and dialed Tennessee police, not because of the horrible crime that had been committed against him, but because he hadn’t eaten in 2 days!

Officers went to his home with $160 worth of groceries – enough to last him a month! Pictures of officers stocking his cabinets and refrigerator have gone viral! William, overjoyed said, “I thank them for everything they do for me. You know I don’t have a lot of friends down here.”

Mr. Isabell, who lives on a fixed income, was visited by a former caregiver, 36 year old Tammy Brooks, who allegedly stole his debit card leaving him unable to buy food.

Brooks was arrested Sunday night for the theft after police say surveillance video captured her using Isabell’s stolen debit card at various stores.hero of the week woman steals debit card

I hope she rots there.

Salute Officers Nathan Bolton, Brian Gray, Buddy Odom and Adam Runions my #HEROESOFTHEWEEK!


Had a elderly gentleman call tonight advising our dispatcher that he hasn't ate in two days. My guys and I all chipped…

Posted by Brian Gray on Saturday, January 9, 2016

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