Beautiful Braille Valentine’s Day Cards from an 8 yr old! #HeroOfTheWeek!

Most kids share candy and notes for V Day at school, but one 8 year old Gail gave her second grade classmates a very special Valentine’s Day gift.

Gail, who asked only to be identified by her first name, is the mom to 8-year-old Amelia, who is blind. Her husband, Mike, posted a photo on Reddit on February 11 of Amelia’s valentines for school. The sweet heart-shaped notes feature the word “love” stamped below the same word in Braille!

The Seattle family worked together to make sure every kid in Amelia’s class got a message and heart-shaped note tied together. Amelia added her own personal touch with messages like “She wrote in Braille, ‘I think you’re really smart’ or ‘I think you’re really kind’ or ‘I think you’re a fast runner.'”

What a wonderful way to spread LOVE!


Amelia is my #HerooftheWeek!

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