Students give their teacher a surprise Bday party & he’s moved to tears! #HeroOfTheWeek!

Mr. Kyle Simpler has taught high school in Burleson, Texas for two years. Mr. Simpler, in passing, told his students he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a birthday cake. Thinking no more of the conversation, he went about his day/week.

The kids, however, didn’t forget and thought a bday with no cake and festivities is unacceptable!

To celebrate Mr. Simpler’s 59th birthday, on Thursday, they used their own money to buy him gifts, a cake topped with a pic of his favorite cartoon, Felix and then threw him a surprise party complete with balloons and streamers!

While students sing “Happy Birthday,” he puts his hands on his head and says, “Oh my God.” He walks to the bookcase, tears of joy flowing and adds, “Thank you.”

Karlie Moran, a student who helped organize the party, spoke to Inside Edition, “He’s always been one of my favorite teachers. My heart broke because everyone’s used to cakes. When I heard he hadn’t had one in 10 years, I said there’s no way, we have to change that.”

Viral video moved me to TEARS! Watch their teacher break down as he’s OVERWHELMED emotionally!

These kids, through a simple act of kindness, made this man feel APPRECIATED and LOVED! That’s the greatest feeling in the world!


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