Tyga CANCELS club appearance when 17 year old GF Kylie Jenner DENIED ENTRY!

Date a minor and this is what happens!

According to TMZ, Tyga had a scheduled appearance at Hollywood hot spot, Greystone Manor, but CANCELED when promoters were unable to convince club owners to let his UNDER-AGE girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, in!

Kylie is still only 17 and not permitted in nightclubs in California until the age of 21! With the paparazzi constantly surrounding the Jenner/Kardashian clan, they were afraid to get popped by the law!

This WOMAN says she’s 24 & her BF is 17! WTF do they have in common & is it OK to date a MINOR if you’re an ADULT?! You have to HEAR THIS! WOW!

Don’t worry Tyga, take her to the prom now and y’all can hit the club in like FOUR YEARS.
Kylie Jenner and Tyga!

Full story at TMZ!

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