#IDumpedTaylorSwiftBecause goes viral & Swifties go off!



Every Friday for over a year now, I’ve done a feature on my radio show called #SOS SickOfSingle and it quickly became one of my biggest segments. There are more single than married people in the United States, for the first time in history, so we always have a lot to talk about.


Teaming up with my #HashtagWarriors friends on twitter, we decided to take the bit to a national platform and engage others on twitter, invite them to listen, have fun, learn from one another and see if anyone else is #SOS SickOfSingle. Well, there are definitely plenty of singles because the #danacortezshow, and every hashtag representing a topic, has trended top ten for EIGHT WEEKS straight.


Today, there was a reactionary hashtag created in response to my, #IDumpedTaylorSwiftBecause – Swifties swept in and quickly had #ILoveTaylorSwiftBecause trending, too! Taylor Swift was “dumped” by Calvin Harris and her now exboyfriend even released a statement on the breakup via Twitter: “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect.”


We are all familiar with Taylor’s relationship ups and downs because she’s famous. It amazes people that someone so beautiful, successful and sweet can’t seem to “keep a man.” Well, normal everyday people are going through the exact same thing everyday!


Her fans were outraged because they didn’t really understand WHAT our discussion was about. Were there “mean tweets?” Yes, but there were also fun tweets and even some knocking Calvin Harris for being so foolish in letting such a great girl go! What was discussed on my show was as REAL as it gets and if Swifties had tuned in, they would have heard many successful women and men calling in who are #SOS SickOfSingle, just like Taylor! Call after call, listeners opened up about how hard it is to put themselves out in the dating world and be disappointed time and time again.



We ALL have a friend who, at least outwardly, appears to have it all; looks, money, style, etc., yet LOVE evades them! WHY?!


I shared stories about my many, MANY failed relationships and the four mistakes I finally realized I was making.


Mistake #1: Thinking I needed someone to complete me.


Mistake #2: Hoping a man would make me happy.


Mistake #3: Dating the same man with a different name.


Mistake #4: Believing something is wrong with me.


Once I understood the pattern, I broke it and guess what happened? I realized I am WORTH loving and there’s nothing wrong with ME, but it is ME who was making the wrong choices. Some looking in the mirror and accountability never hurt anyone.


I don’t know exactly WHY Taylor Swift can’t find a boyfriend, anymore than I know why YOU may be going through a similar situation, but I’m willing to bet, you’re making the same mistakes I did. Sometimes we even create an “idea” of what we think the perfect mate should be and of course, no real life person can ever live up to that!


The advice I gave to my audience and I’m giving to Taylor and YOU is, YOUR worth comes from within and no one else can help you understand that, but you. Open yourself up to dating someone outside your comfort zone because obviously what you’re comfortable with isn’t working and most importantly don’t feel bad about wanting to be LOVED!


I found the love of my life after two failed marriages and a lot of heartache! Our relationship is far from perfect, but he accepts me for who I am, loves me and all my flaws and I can barely remember my life before him. If it happened to me it will happen for YOU, too! Remember, you deserve to be happy!


Maybe Calvin Harris should have played #SOS – #IDumpedTaylorSwiftBecause I’m not the guy for her and when the right man comes along, she’ll be glad this didn’t work out.


And so will you…




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