4 Steps I Use for GOOD Skin and my Ultherapy experience!

I’ve had issues with my skin as far back as I can remember…

I had slight acne, dry/patchy areas all over my face and then there’s the self inflicted damage; picking at pimples, often falling asleep with a full face of makeup and tanning for HOURS with loads of coconut oil on my face in the sun and tanning beds to try to “bronze” the fair, olive skin I was born with. The combination caused hyper-pigmentation, (common in Latinas and women born with a light, olive complexion), dark scars from picking and a very uneven skin tone. Honestly, my skin just looked BAD!

Once I realized HOW bad, I worked hard at trying to reverse the damage and attempt to keep it from future harm.

I have A LOT of steps and I’m not sure it’s necessary you use all of them, but I will never deter from my routine.

Here are my 4 DAILY steps:

1. Morning I use Serious Skincare Acne Trio for Adults. It’s the best anti-acne treatment I’ve ever tried and believe me, I’ve tried MANY!

2. Morning/Evening I apply Philosophy Serum which contains vitamin C and E, both great antioxidants.

3. Morning I use Hope in a Jar mixed with one pump of Josie Maran SPF & 2 drops of Josie Maran Argan Oil and finally for my neck Skinceuticals Neck, Chest & Hand Repair.

4. Evening it’s Philosophy Purity to remove makeup, then, (smaller amount than morning), Serious Skincare Acne Trio. I follow with Skinceuticals Retinol and Philosophy Hope in a Tube for my eyes and Skinceuticals Neck, Chest & Hand Repair for neck and decollete. Oh! To moisturize, whatever night cream is on sale at WalGreen’s. I’ve used Olay Reginerist and L’Oreal Youth Code for years.

This is where my routine gets technical:

5. Ivation Light Therapy System for hyper-pigmentation, acne and wrinkles – once a week.

6. NuFace every morning religiously for 5 years. I use it while I wash my face and I do NOT use the micro-current gel it comes with – I keep my face moist with a thin layer of my cleanser and water.

7. SPF, SPF, SPF on every inch of my body from head, to toe, if my toes are exposed. I can’t stress enough how important this is above all else. “Sun damage” causes wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, age spots, but what I’m most concerned about is SKIN CANCER. WEAR SUNBLOCK!

8. I am always trying out the newest high tech skin therapy; I’ve used the Fraxel Laser system, (one treatment/did not like it), chemical peels, (it’s been 3 years since my last one), Botox every 6 to 8 months on the outer corner of my eyes to keep crows feet at bay and my latest skin trial is called “Ultherapy!” I had the procedure done, on the lower half of my face, a little over a week ago. This new technology tightens skin and improves the texture by rebuilding collagen. I went to Dr. Vivian Bucay after reading about her extensive experience and accomplishments. It takes up to 6 months to see results so I’ll share them then! I plan on inviting Dr. Bucay to be my guest on the dana cortez show – hopefully she’ll accept and can give us all some great skin care secrets!

You don’t have to go to the extremes I do and you don’t have to buy the same products. I only shared this because so many people ask me about my skin. I think it looks better then it did, but far from perfect and that’s ok. Despite some light scars and the hyper-pigmentation, I’m comfortable enough now to even go without foundation. Sigh… If I knew then what I know now, I could have saved myself a lot of time and MONEY! Take my advice, at the very least, use UVA/UVB SPF, retinol and an antioxidant serum everyday! Retinol will help with fine lines and texture, SPF will help prevent wrinkles and serum containing vitamin C & E feeds the skin and protects it from the harsh environment. The sooner you start, the better you’ll look and the longer you’ll maintain a youthful glow!

I also want to disclose to you, I didn’t receive any items for free and paid for my Ultherapy, as well.

My Ultherapy review and results will be posted in April. I have a makeup review coming in November!

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