Brazilian, Bikini or Bush?

Dana-BottomMy relationship is over and I’m devastated.

I’m not talking about a man – I’m talking about my wax lady! I went in last week for my visit and was told “She no longer works here, but blah blah is really good!” You’ve got to be kidding me.

After years of searching I finally found the one and now she’s gone! This woman knew me, understood what I wanted and I trusted her. She even knew I was cheating, (Ideal Image), it was obvious and she never said a word. I should have finished the laser hair removal.

Now, what do I do?! I feel so lost. I don’t have her phone number or Twitter name so there’s no way to locate my girl. I guess it’s really over. I called my friend to explain how upset I was and she said “I never see the same person.” What?! I’m monogamous. There’s no way I can see more than one person! Does know one understand how I feel? Sigh…

My mind is racing. Should I just walk out and cry or take a chance on blah blah?! What choice do I have. I walk into the back room with blah blah.

As expected it was disappointing and I won’t be going back.  This already uncomfortable situation was made even worse by awful, painful, terrible work and me too embarrassed to say anything. I faked it was good and said I was happy. I feel like I’m in my early 20’s again. Wtf.

So, I’m back out on the field in search for the one, AGAIN. As soon as I find her, first thing I’ll do is ask her for her personal phone number so this never happens again. Oh! And I’ll let you know.




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