What do MEN think of Kim Kardashian West NUDE PHOTO?! LISTEN & find out! #WhatGUYSThinkThursday!

A lot of women were commenting how FAKE Kim Kardashian looked in her photos taken for Paper Magazine, but what do the MEN FOLK think?!

LISTEN to #WhatGUYSThinkThursday!!!! You might be SURPRISED!!!!

Don’t make your man AFRAID to tell you the TRUTH because you NAG when he does! You know DAMN well, photoshop or NOT, Kim K looks AMAZING!

#WhatGUYSThinkThursday DanaCortezShow!
kim Kardashian FULL FRONTAL

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  • Benjamen Ratcliff
    November 14, 2014

    I dont care how hot people think kim Kardashian looks but in my opion she is just anoyher whore showering her fake photoshoped naked self that dont noone but kanye wests black ass want that fake bitch she only doing it cause she is poor as fuck if u want people to respect a nice looking body it must be a real picture not something photoshoped aka fake pic u stupid bitch

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