NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen and Sydney review!

I’ve never been a “makeup” girl, but I’m genuinely excited about my new project!

There are thousands of women, on social media and YouTube, teaching us how to apply makeup, showcasing different products and making it look easy.

Well, I’m NOT that woman. Lol!

I’m the girl that wishes she had that talent, but truthfully is just lucky if my eyeliner is even!

So I decided, this year, each month I will pick a few different items and write what I think about them in a more everyday “normal” woman kind of way.

Not that the internet makeup stars aren’t normal! I love their videos and enjoy following many, but for me anyway, that kind of application isn’t realistic.

So here it goes!

I first noticed NYX matte lipstick, in Copenhagen, on my Instagram feed and immediately fell in love with this color and the flat matte look!

However, like you, I wondered not only if I could pull it off, but if the product was drying, long lasting, expensive, etc.

To make it easy, I took the top 4 questions YOU asked me, when I posted via my social media, I was reviewing this lipstick!

1. Is the NYX matte lipstick DRYING?
Yes and No. The first time I wore it, I chose Sydney (light bright pink), and didn’t exfoliate my lips. It wasn’t terribly drying, but after a few hours, it didn’t look as good as when first applied. The next day, I used a lip scrub, tried it again and LOVED the look and color. I highly recommend you prep your pout before you wear this.

2. Is the NYX matte lipstick LONG LASTING?
Yes! I was so curious, when I first applied this creamy concoction, how long I could go without replying. After 4 hours of a morning drive shift, lips pressed against the mic and coffee sipping, the color was there and it still looked pretty good!

3. Is NYX matte lipstick EXPENSIVE?
No! I went online to the official NYX website, (NYXCosmetics.com), chose my colors, and ordered! Each tube was $6.00 and I received my package, via FedEx, in 4 business days. It even included a large lip liner sample for FREE!

4. Is NYX matte lipstick hard to find?
Yes and No. I kept reading, on Instagram, that many girl’s couldn’t find the Copenhagen color in stores. I went to Ulta to purchase it, and just like everyone else, was disappointed when I saw the “sold out” sticker where the color I wanted most was supposed to be. Later that evening I did a search online and came across tubes selling for upwards of $24.00 on eBay! I went directly to NYX official site and there it was! I suggest you call your favorite makeup store before you go looking for it or go to NYX online to save yourself $18.00! That eBay price was ridiculous.

As far as the colors, I LOVE Sydney and Copenhagen! My skin color is fair with yellow undertones and both worked well for me.
Sydney matte

I hope my review helps you! Look for my next one mid February!

Happy makeup shopping!

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