5 people SHOT at Chris Brown concert in San Jose!

Chris Brown concerts seem to be a dangerous place.Chris brown gun perform

Early this morning, in San Jose, during Chris Brown’s performance, shots rang out and he was escorted off stage!

Fans captured not only his singing and dancing, but also the look of shock on his face as the show was interrupted by gunfire!chris brown gun shock

Concert goers report that about 1:20 a.m, there was a scuffle and Brown got on the mic with, “Oh them n****s gettin’ it over there!”, but seconds later he realized things were much more serious!

San Jose’s “Mercury News” reports 4 people were transported to the hospital and one other arrived at the E.R later that morning.

It’s unclear if any were criminally responsible for the shootings.

Breezy has not mentioned the incident via his reps or on his social media.

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