Kanye West is only an a**hole because of the “voices” in his head!

The voices in your head, you say?!

Kanye West spoke to Ryan Seacrest and explained why he went up on stage as Beck was accepting his award for Album of the Year at the Grammy’s, “voices in my head told me ‘go’ and then I just walked.”

Mr. West also explained he has a lot of respect for Beck, “I think it came off the wrong way. That was a mis-wording on my part because obviously Beck is one of the most respected artists and respects artistry. He’s his own man and he’s not wrong and we’ll still go play basketball and stuff. Unless he doesn’t want to do it.”

Ye, as we all know, really stole Taylor Swift’s moment at the MTV VMA’s, but says he and Swift are good now and the two will collaborate in the studio! “We’re definitely going to go in. I’m down to get in the studio and work. I don’t have an elitism about music. I don’t discriminate.”


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