“Anchor baby” goes from “HOMELESS” to “YALE!” Toma Donald Trump!

The rhetoric in this country, from people like Donald Trump, is causing a great divide. Saying undocumented Mexicans “are bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists and SOME are good people,” is not only statistically incorrect, but the race baiting also brings out the worst in America. racists

This story of, FIRST GENERATION, United States Citizen, 19 year old Viviana Andazola Marquez, is so AMAZING! The daughter of Mexican parents went from HOMELESS to YALE!

LISTEN HERE and prepare to be inspired!!!!

Go ahead with your “anchor baby” comments – we’ll just keep on working because that’s what we do.

And we’ll also be preparing to VOTE.

Read Viviana’s letter to the New York Times here.

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