APD officer turns lapel camera OFF and yells “Who’s the man?!” while BEATING homeless victim!

Horrible new information is emerging in the case of an Albuquerque police officer Cedric Greer, who turned his lapel body camera OFF before he beat a homeless man!

The misconduct was brought to light when a cadet, who has now resigned, turned Greer in after witnessing the victim being beaten!

The incident occurred March 20 as two officers responded to a call at a hotel to help a man who was “down and out”. The cadet was participating in a ride-a-long exercise.

State Police report that, Greer “battered an individual during a call for service that he was conducting at a local Albuquerque hotel. He struck the individual’s head several times with a closed fist and then delivered several strikes to the individual’s chest causing bruising. Witnesses claimed the individual was cooperative with Mr. Greer before and after the battery.”

Interviews conducted during the investigation confirm that the man was not a threat to officers and never resisted!

The report states, the beating started after Greer got angry that the man looked up at him. Officer Greer told him not to look at him, and then unleashed blows to his face and ribcage, while repeatedly demanding “Who’s the man,” until the victim replied helplessly “You’re the man.”






Jerry Rauch was the other officer present for the “service call” and ran to his car during the beating. Upon his return, Greer announced “going live,” and both him and Rauch turned their cameras back ON. Rauch has not been charged, but is also under investigation!

KRQE reported both men are on paid leave.

The victim didn’t receive medical attention after the beating! The report stated he suffered multiple lacerations on his face and significant bruising on ribs, which was later revealed by X-rays!

State Police originally reported Greer was facing a misdemeanor charge, but on Sunday, the judge stated he faces a third-degree felony. Court records reflect the same.

Mayor Richard Berry has spoken out about the police misconduct, telling local news affiliate KRQE, “Not only do we want them [body cams] to be used, we want them turned on and it’s an accountability measure we think not only protects the community, but protects the officers themselves when they do the right things. If it turns out through the justice system that these allegations are accurate, I have a lot of confidence there will be severe consequences for it.”

The cadet who turned in Greer has not been identified.

I would like to personally thank this brave person.

Allegedly the name is being withheld for fear of retaliation.

“FEAR from WHOM?”

Since DOJ stepped in, are we “BETTER, WORSE or the SAME?”

Town hall coming…

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