Chingo Bling’s open letter to Donald J. Trump is brilliant!

Pedro Herrera is best know for his comedic persona, Chingo Bling, and he’s definitely a funny guy.

What most don’t know is Pedro is a brilliant man. If you know anything about comedy, you know timing is everything and I’ll tell you, it’s one of the most difficult areas of entertainment to succeed in. If one achieves success, know that person is a smart man or woman.

That being said, Chingo wrote an open letter to businessman and 2016 Presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump, in response to his disparaging comments about Mexicans.

I spoke to Pedro today and we had an open discussion about his poignant letter. Here it is!!!!


Dear Donald Trump,
I would like to take this time to THANK YOU for your recent comments on
your campaign trail. When it is all said and done, you will go down in history as a
man who sparked a massive tidal wave of change and forced a people to rise up. A
man who made a tough decision of using Mexican immigrants as a scapegoat in
order to bring some facts to the light.
The fact that we currently don’t show up to the polls as we should. The fact
that our numbers are strong yet our voice is not. The fact that brands, networks
and presidential hopefuls constantly flirt with our demographic with an insatiable
predatory appetite. These culture vultures are on a mission to pillage riches
greater than any conquistador ever has. The fact that we are too busy working for
the American Dream that we blindly give our hard earned paychecks to companies
that truly don’t care about us. Thanks to you we will be on high alert and more
critical of those who court us. Thank You Señor Trump.
Most politicians think throwing in a little “español” will get all brown folk
with an affinity for rice and beans running to the voting polls. But no, not you Mr.
Trump, you are smarter than the average bear. For the greater good and future of
the Mexican community you chose not to kiss our ass, but to offend us. Because
nothing motivates Mexicans more than being offended! It’s genius that you would
know this; your consultants taught you very well. You will be credited with
changing us from a people with no true leadership to a community that is ultraorganized
and mobilized. THANK YOU DONALD.
Joining the anti‐immigrant/anti‐Mexican agenda is a guarantee in easy votes.
Easy votes from people who are facing hardships of a shrinking middle class who
don’t know who to blame. America currently feels divided, so it is easy to sell voters
a quick solution to all their problems. A solution packaged in a neat box, wrapped in
ideology where Mexicans are the bad guys. People want to know who is standing in
the way of their American dream. That way the problem can be eradicated, right?
So most politicians end up picking on illegals that don’t have a voice and don’t have
the right to vote in the first place. Sounds like a sure way to get desperate people to
vote for you. The more misinformed the better. But not you Mr. Trump, you didn’t
say these things to get idiots to vote for you, you did it to help us! Your abrasive
words will go down in Mexican folklore right next to Padre Miguel Hidalgo y El grito
de Dolores! Your abrasive words are a reminder that there are people in
Washington who truly don’t give a damn about us. Thank you for reminding us that
we alone hold the power in our hands. All we have to do now is collectively stick up
for one another illegal or not. You sir may be the reason that brown folks get to the
polls in record numbers from now on. You are an agent of change. THANK YOU.
Your strategy was brilliant. You knew that besides a few threats from Latino
networks and talking heads that you would walk away from this unscathed and get
the shock value you wanted. You knew that all of your Mexican employees would
show up to work the next day because they value their work and their family
depends on their paycheck. After all, the reason we came here was to make an
honest living and provide a brighter future for our families. Not showing up to
work or quitting on your boss wasn’t part of the plan… no matter what he said on
TV the day before. You knew that in order for brands to pull ad revenue away from
your TV network affiliates, it would require a massive boycott. These are the kinds
of boycotts that would require a lot of hard work, organization and leadership.
Organization that we have been lacking but thanks to your statements, we are on
the ball and mobilizing.
We are at a crossroads and have been forced to look in the mirror and
evaluate our current state as a community. We have been spread out from Seattle to
Iowa to New York City; quietly keeping America running and beautiful. We have
been working in the shadows, invisible, unappreciated and easily dismissed. The
Mexican diaspora has been disjointed in pockets across the US, earning an honest
living, quietly in fear of rocking the boat. Your statements have caused a deep
thunder that is rippling from barrios in Norte Carolina to Liberal Kansas to the
offices in Silicon Valley. For too long we have allowed the media to brand us as lazy
rapists with diabetes. Maybe not all in one news‐story, but you get my point.
Thanks to you we are slowly lifting our noses from the grindstone and looking up at
each other and realizing that it is now time. Our numbers are too massive not to rise
up and work together to even out the disparities in health numbers, voting numbers,
economics and the like. It’s going to require that we look at ourselves first and
address what needs to be fixed. Our agenda is to keep America moving forward, but
also making sure that we have a seat at the table and not just in the kitchen. Our
work begins today and the time is now. Thank you Señor Trump for your moving
From the bottom of my brown heart,
Chingo Bling
P.S. It’s going to require a ton of work., but hard work is our Forte’.
June 29, 2015

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