De’andre Johnson, FSU Quarterback, kicked off team for PUNCHING WOMAN in the FACE!


De’andre Johnson, has been kicked off the FSU team. The true freshman was involved in an altercation inside a Florida bar with a WOMAN!

The video of Johnson and an unnamed woman has some saying De’andre was provoked. His lawyer, Jose Baez, told NBC’s “Today” show his client was not the initial aggressor, but is “owning this” and trying to learn from the experience. Baez said the woman raised her fist and shouted “racial epithets” at Johnson after he accidentally made contact with her while they waited to order at the bar. Baez said Johnson tried to “de-escalate the situation,” but the woman “kneed him in the groin area and took another swing before he retaliated. It wasn’t until she struck him twice that he reacted. He is very regretful that he didn’t turn around and walk away immediately.”

WATCH the video and decide for yourself! WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT some may find DISTURBING!

In July 2014, Tim McGraw had a similar incident – did the media and his fans have the same reaction?! I’ll discuss inside my show tomorrow!

I don’t think under ANY circumstance is it ever ok to hit a woman! I also don’t think it’s right for a woman to strike a man. Keep your hands to yourself and have respect for one another!

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