Eat “ANYTHING” You Want & Still “LOSE WEIGHT!” #FATClub!

Kansas State University Professor of human nutrition Mark Haub, ate Twinkies, Nutty Bars, Oreos, even powdered donuts and managed to lose 27lbs in 2 months!

How did he do it?!

By limiting his intake of JUNK to 1,800 calories daily!

On August 25, Haub, 41, started his cake diet focusing on portion control.

“I’m eating to the point of need and pushing the plate or wrapper away,” he said.

He intended the trial to last a month as a teaching tool for his class. As he lost weight, Haub continued the diet until he reached a normal body mass index. Before his Twinkie diet, he tried to eat a healthy diet that included whole grains, dietary fiber, berries and bananas, vegetables and occasional treats like pizza, but didn’t lose weight.

“There seems to be a disconnect between eating healthy and being healthy. It may not be the same. I was eating healthier, but I wasn’t healthy. I was eating too much.” He maintained the same level of moderate physical activity as before going on the diet and after 10 weeks of consuming crap, his “bad” cholesterol, or LDL, dropped to 20% and his “good” cholesterol, or HDL, increased by 20%. He also reduced the level of triglycerides, which are a form of fat, by 39% – fat from 33.4 to 24.9%.

“I wish I could say the outcomes are unhealthy. I wish I could say it’s healthy. I’m not confident enough in doing that. That frustrates a lot of people. One side says it’s irresponsible. It is unhealthy, but the data doesn’t say that.”

The Professor doesn’t recommend anyone do this for long periods of time, but the result is crystal clear; If you’re overweight, you’re eating TOO DAMN much!!!!

Count calories, stop eating elephant size portions and you will LOSE WEIGHT!

What a wonderful thing to know; you don’t have to deprive yourself of the foods you love, you just need to eat LESS of them!

Read MORE on Mark Haub’s “eating experiments” by clicking here!

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