El Chapo’s “SEXY” text messages to Mexican actress Kate del Castillo & does Guzman prefer iPhone, Samsung or Blackberry?!

Mexican authorities have released the flirtatious text messages between drug lord, El Chapo aka Joaquin Loera Guzman to Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, which we all know now led to his capture!

I’ve taken a few of the JUICIEST and translated them from Spanish to Engles:

Guzman is by “papá,” aka dad. Del Castillo is “M”.

First convo!!!!

•Papá: I really want to meet you in person, friend.
•M: Well, me too.
•(Guzman provides details on the journey needed to reach his location)
•Papá: You are the best of this world. We will be great friends … I will take care of you more than my own eyes
•M: I’m beyond moved that you say you will care for me. no one has ever taken care of me, thank you!

El Chapo’s soldiers tell their jefe, (boss), that del Castillo’s wants to introduce him to Sean Penn.

His men, “Penn is one of the most recognized Hollywood actors.”

El Chapo, “Have her bring the actor, and if she sees the need to bring more people, let her bring them as she likes.”

Guzman, after agreeing to the meeting, begins asking questions about Penn:

•Papá: What is that actor’s name?
•Olvidado (Chapo associate): Sean Penn. He is the one in the movie 21 Grams
•Papá: 21 Grams. What year was it made?
•Olvidado: I’m checking to make sure I give you the exact information
•Papá: OK
•Olvidado: 21 Grams came out in 2003

“Tell Kate that when she comes we will drink tequila and dance. Tell her that,” instructs a message from Papá.

Penn’s story in Rolling Stone recounts what happened next. The journey, the visit, and weeks later, the capture of “El Chapo.”

On October 10 — after the visit — the conversation continued, with del Castillo identified as “Ermoza” and Guzman simply as “1”.

•Ermoza: I haven’t been able to sleep much since I saw you. I’m very excited about our story. It’s true. It’s the only thing I can think of.

•1: Let me tell you that I’m more excited about you than the story, my friend.

•Ermoza: Ha, ha,ha! Knowing that makes me really glad. You make me blush.

Penn has said he has nothing to hide regarding the interview.

In her first public comments since Guzman’s arrest, del Castillo thanked her supporters on Twitter.

“Not surprisingly, many have chosen to make up items they think will make good stories and that aren’t truthful. I look forward to sharing my story with you.”

Which phone does a billionaire drug lord buy for the woman he has a crush on?

iPhone, Samsung Edge or Blackberry?

He asked his men to purchase a Blackberry Z30 in pink.

After calling four stores with no luck, he chooses a gray one.

The Blackberry is back.

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