Firefighter gives barefoot homeless man his shoes! #HeroOftheWeek!

The saying goes, “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.”

What if he doesn’t have shoes?

How many times have you driven past a homeless person on the side of the road, asking for money, or just slowing you down? I admit, I see a homeless man or woman almost every day and ignore them. It’s embarrassing to admit, but sometimes I’m even annoyed by them. Why is it so easy to dismiss another human life? I’m ashamed I sometimes feel that way…

This firefighter didn’t dismiss a homeless man walking BAREFOOT on a busy freeway, he gave him his SHOES!

David Gilstrap removed his sneakers and placed them on the feet of the homeless man while Capt. Rob Gabler helped the man to a safe area!

hero of the week firefighter

It only takes a moment to acknowledge someone regardless of their social status; You never know how a friendly wave, kind word or helping hand may change a person’s life.

Thank you Riverside California Firefighters Mr. Gilstrap and Captain Gabler! We SALUTE you!


Engine 6-C assist elderly homeless gentleman with tennis shoes.Engine 6-C was returning from training and noticed a…

Posted by City of Riverside Fire Department on Thursday, January 14, 2016

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