Football player “DEFENDS” blind student getting beat up by a bully and gets “SUSPENDED!”

****UPDATE!!!! Cody Pines was NOT SUSPENDED!!!!

Cody Pine, Huntington Beach football player witnessed a bully beating up a blind student and didn’t hesitate to defend the helpless kid!

Most of us would call Cody a hero, but his school has suspended him, citing their “no tolerance” policy.

Is this fair?! Should they have made an exception for Cody?!

Cody speaks on the issue and a school official also weighs in!

Here you see the bully punching the blind student.blindkidpunched

Cody steps in and knocks bully out with one punch! The boy getting beat up is still trying to defend himself!blindkidcantseecodypunchingbully

Cody screams at the bully, “Trying to jump a blind kid bro!”blindkidasksbully

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