Here comes the “bride and groom!” They’re Shetland ponies. #WTF?!

Gabe Bush, from Coushatta, Louisiana, is a traditional man, I mean 5 year old, so when he found out his beloved pony, Miss Butterball, (she’s also 5), was going to have babies, he said “Hold your horses!”

At least not until she’s married!

Gabe told local news outlet KSLA, “My mom taught me how you gotta get married before you have babies.”

He dressed his precious pony in a tutu and her fiancé, Mr. Big Stuff wore a bow tie for the nuptials. How fancy!


The family decided it would only be right to buy Miss Butterball’s future hubby, Mr. Big Stuff, and rightly so! The two trotted down the aisle last Saturday January 30th and were married by Gabe’s grandpa, who happens to be a pastor, at the Elizabeth Full Gospel Baptist Church!

Instead of rice, guests who attended threw HAY.



KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather

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