Man performs LEWD SEX act with STUFFED ANIMAL and places IT BACK ON SHELF!

One man PLAYED with something else besides toys in the toy aisle. YUCK!

The Daily Mirror reports a Brooksville, Florida man named Sean Johnson walked into a Walmart store, made his way to the toy section and began PLEASURING HIMSELF all over a STUFFED ANIMAL!

Even worse, he placed the FILTHY STUFFED TOY BACK ON THE SHELF!!

Brooksville local news, WFLA, says Mr. Johnson, (really), confessed to the crime, was taken to Hernando County Jail, charged with indecent exposure, posted $1500 bond and was released.

WalMart decided the toy was contaminated so the stuffed animal was removed from the shelf!

Here are more gooey details. Ewwwwww!

Poor TED!

Source: DailyMail

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