Never before seen “NUDE” photos of Marilyn Monroe COMING to a city near you!

Sex symbol, icon, controversial, beautiful, troubled, timeless – these adjectives all describe the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe.

However, this American beauty wasn’t always rich and famous. In 1949 a broke Marilyn, born Norma Jean Mortenson, was a struggling to make her car payment and agreed to pose nude for photographer Tom Kelley. This session is now infamously known as “The Red Velvet Collection.”

The Red Velvet Photo Shoot took place on May 27, 1949 in Hollywood, California. 22 year old Marilyn agreed to take the photos as long as photographer Tom Kelley’s wife was present. Monroe signed the model release under the name “Mona Monroe” and was paid $50. Chicago-based printing company John Baumgarth Company purchased the “Red Velvet” photos in 1951. Baumgarth edited and then sold three images that were printed and sold for 9 million to “Golden Dream” calendars. Print artisans corrected many layers of film for the full color printing process to make the original Chromalin color proof separations – a masterpiece of printer’s art. In late winter 1952, the press discovered that the nude model in these best-selling calendars was 20th Century Fox’s biggest star. Initially, Fox studios denied the beauty in the pics was their starlet. No major Hollywood celebrity had ever done such a thing. Monroe sat down with the United Press International and admitted to posing for the photo and explained to her fans how much she was struggling at the time and she felt as if she had no other choice. The interview, “Marilyn Monroe Admits She’s Nude Blonde of Calendar”, was released on March 13, 1952, and everyone paid attention. Public forgiveness was swift and Monroe was now a certified world-wide superstar!

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1952 calendar / pose #01

1952 calendar / pose #01



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