Swiss couple missing 75 Years FOUND in the Alps!

Their seven kids never gave up hope and now the parents that left to milk cows August 15, 1942 and never returned, have been found!   The bodies of Swiss couple Marceline and Francine Dumoilon, who went missing 75 years ago, were discovered at the edge of a melting glacier!   Their youngest daughter, Marceline Udry-Dumoulin, says her mother ...

Woman falls in love with a TREE named TIM and says it’s the BEST SEX she’s ever had! #WTF?!

The heart want what it wants. Ahhhhhh... Young love. With a BIG poplar TREE named Tim. The woman, Emma McCabe, says after a string of BAD relationships, she decided to go for a more down to "EARTH" type. Literally ROOTED to the EARTH type, I suppose. Her family thinks she's BARKING mad, but that doesn't stop Emma from enjoying her ...

Man broke his PENIS during SEX and heard it SNAP! Ouuucchhhh! #WTF?!

I don’t think I’d wish this on my enemy!

The New England Journal of Medicine reports that a 42 year old man underwent emergency surgery after snapping a fibrous membrane inside his PENIS!

Yes. He BROKE his PENIS!!!!

During intercourse, his erect phallus accidentally collided with his partner’s perineum, the area in front of the anus, and the man heard a SNAP!

He penis became immediately flaccid and BLOOD rushed out of its tip.


Then what happened?!!!!

I’m CRYING. Really…
broke penis

Broke back penis.


NAKED woman needs her DONUTS now! #WTF?!

Anyone wanna guess where she’s from?

32 year old Shakara Martin was arrested on an indecent exposure charge at a Florida Dunkin’ Donuts! Did she really need donuts that badly?!

WHAT did customers do when she SAT DOWN completely NUDE to enjoy donuts and coffee with them and WHY was she NAKED?! Well…

The Palm Beach Post

Sweet ass donuts. Or just sweet ass in this case.


Man loses VIRGINITY to a HORSE and STILL has SEX with them NOW! #WTF?!

I've read Black Beauty and the Black Stallion and NEVER did sh*t like this cross my mind. EVER. In 2002 Hani Miletski, a sex therapist, wrote a book about bestiality, Understanding Bestiality and Zoophilia the act of having sex with an animal and zoophilia. Miletski researched 100 zoophiles and found, in her opinion, that many involved ...

Woman makes YOGURT with her VaJayJay! #WTF?!

Who knew when you add a little "VAGINA" bacteria to milk ya get YOGURT! Well it's TRUE! In August, Cecilia Westbrook, an MD/PhD student at the University of Wisconsin, attempted an experiment to make the creamy concoction which is normally made by mixing a small amount of a yogurt starter culture with some milk and heating ...

SERIAL KILLER Charles Manson DUMPS young, beautiful fiancé Afton Burton from PRISON! #WTF?!

My single friends - there may be no hope... This young beautiful woman was DUMPED by a PRISONER! The infamous convicted serial killer Charles Manson has DUMPED his young, beautiful fiancé, 27 year old Afton Elaine Burton! Whaaaa?! Journalist Daniel Simone, says Burton, who goes by the name Star, was only marrying Manson to gain possession of ...

Student films SOLO MASTURBATION video at University of Oregon LIBRARY! #WTF?!

This chick was definitely not studying. 19 year old, Kendra Sunderland, could be sentenced to one year in jail or be fined over $6,000 all for MASTURBATING in the library of Oregon State University! Miss Sunderland is now facing charges of public indecency after school officials caught wind of the video! When asked if the VIRAL footage was ...

This British dude dropped $150K to look like Kim Kardashian! #WTF?!

He wants to look just like Mrs. West!!!! British born, Jordan James Parke, has spent more than $156,000 to try and look more like his idol, Kim Kardashian! In an interview with The Sun, Jordan says, "I love everything about Kim! She’s the most gorgeous woman ever. Her skin is perfect, her hair, everything about her.” At only ...

Human KEN DOLL removes VEINS from his FOREHEAD to look more SMOOTH & PLASTIC!

He doesn't wanna be a real boy - he wants to be a real DOLL! The "HUMAN KEN DOLL", Justin Jedlica, risked going BLIND during his last surgery! WILL he go ALL THE way and remove his JUNK?! LISTEN HERE! ;) Justin had all of the veins in his forehead REMOVED in order to appear more smooth ...