4 year old has PERFECT response to boy at school calling her “UGLY”! LOVE THIS!

And this is how it’s done!!!!

We’ve all been teased and taunted at school, but when it happens sometimes we don’t know how to respond!

Siahj, who goes by “Cici,” was told by a little boy at school, “You’re ugly”! BUT it’s what she said back that has this little girl’s message going viral!

Cici was asked by her mom, Sonya, to share what happened to her in a video and it’s AMAZING! Sonya spoke with The Huffington Post and said CiCi “always been quick on her feet.”

Yes she is!!!!

Listen to what little CiCi had to say!!!!

We should all take a lesson from this BEAUTIFUL 4 year old!

Go Cici!!!!

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