50 Cent LOSES court battle and ordered to pay $16 MILLION!

50 Cent

50 Cent just got some pretty bad news. He’s been ordered to pay “Sleek Audio” $16 MILLION!

In the lawsuit, filed in April by Sleek, the company claims 50 stole their product design and confidential private client information! An arbitrator sided with Sleek in the case and awarded the company $16,181,578 in damages and lawyer fees!

Now a Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Peter Blanc has sided with the arbitrator that 50 used Sleek’s intellectual property for his own SMS Audio headphones line! In the judges ruling he stated Curtis and his lawyers didn’t provide enough information to overturn the arbitrator’s decision.

According to Forbes, Fiddy has earned $8 million this year and his net worth is $140 million. His stash o’ cash is definitely taking a hit!

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