Amanda Bynes HOSPITALIZED and on 72 hour psychiatric hold!

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes arrived in NYC last week and things did not go well.

She was accused of shoplifting, more than once, and people reported her acting strangely.

Her parents have come to their daughters rescue! They had her flown to Los Angeles and she was taken to the hospital immediately upon arrival!

Amanda thought she was going to a hotel to meet her parents, but the driver was instructed to take her to a Pasadena hospital where their attorney and physicians were waiting!

For now, she has been placed on a 72 hour psychiatric hold while she’s monitored and her situation is evaluated. A judge could possibly keep her there up to 2 weeks.

Amanda was arrested last month for DUI and went missing after posting $15K bond.

Her parents are seeking to reinstate their conservatorship, which ended in early September.

Good luck to Amanda and her family! I’m so happy to see she’s getting the help she needs!

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