Burglar becomes appetizer for “ALLIGATOR!” #WTF?!

22 year old Matthew Riggins called his girlfriend, told her he was gonna break into some houses and was never heard from again!

Residents of the neighborhood, the Christmas thief was casing, called authorities and reported 2 men in the area where the heist was about to go down!

When he never came home, his family reported the thief as missing…

So what happened to Matthew?

Was he arrested?

Detained by an angry homeowner?


Mr. Riggins was EATEN by an alligator while hiding from police in the pond near one of the homes he planned on burglarizing. Police suspect he entered the water to avoid being arrested and instead became an appetizer for an 11 foot gator!

The river monster was located near what remained of Riggins’ body and the animal was euthanized.

The rest of Matthew was found inside the belly of the beast.


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