Heartless post OUTRAGES internet & now Pharrell will perform at #DancingManFound his party! #FindDancingMan

Mean girls NEVER grow up.

#DancingManFound and he’s having a HUGE party!

A woman posted this on social media and sparked public outrage!


Cassandra Fairbanks was one of the people DISGUSTED by the cruel joke! She started the hashtag #FindDancingMan and well, it worked!


Hundreds of thousands of twitter users assisted Cassandra, by using hashtag #FindDancingMan, and he was located!
Dancing Man, a Londoner named Sean, will attend HIS party in Los Angeles and it won’t cost him anything because a GoFundMe page raised $38,884 and it’s still GROWING!

Now the man once mocked for his dance moves is set for a “party of a lifetime” with HUGE Hollywood heavyweights like Ellie Goulding, Moby and one that made him really, really “HAPPY” will all perform!!!!

MORE on this story AND one we shared about two “mean girls” who made fun of an over-weight woman at the gym!!!! WHY do people act like THIS??!!

That made my heart MELT!!!!

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