How much would it cost YOU to get Kim Kardashian to ENDORSE your product?! WOW!

If you wanna sell a product you get the world’s most photographed woman to push it for you, but it’s gonna cost you – A LOT!

On her 34th birthday, TODAY, Radar Online and Global Grind report Mrs. Kim Kardashian West makes a MINIMUM $750,000 to $1 million for EACH product she endorses! WOW!

The email confirming this was obtained by Radar Online and allegedly says: “[Kim] requires five first-class plane tickets plus one coach fare for any travel so her entourage is always close at hand.” In addition, the diva also demands that “the company she’s promoting then must put everyone up in a luxury hotel, with Kardashian booked into a first-class suite.”

No doubt this woman may not act, dance, sing or rap, but she definitely has one talent down – the art of MAKING MONEY!

Happy birthday indeed!

Source: Global Grind

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