I’ve never been the girl with “good hair”.
me hair

You know what I mean – or WHO I mean, rather.

That girl and her fabulous hair. Ponytail, curly, straight, whatever – it looks GOOD. It’s thick, it’s full and even if it’s cut short, it just looks GOOD! I envy that girl…

Luckily I have a GREAT stylist, Christopher Valdez at Inspire Salon!

So now my hair is layered, still LONG and looks THICKER!

I was asked if I wanted “BIG Hair”. I’m from Texas! The bigger, the BETTER!
me hair2

Nothing makes a girl feel PRETTIER than leaving the salon with a gorgeous new cut and fabulous style!

So how’d I get my hair to GROW THIS long?! We’ll discuss that next week.
me hair 3

Think you can’t afford a good haircut? Wait ’til you get a bad one.

Thank you for the fabulous do, Mr. Valdez! πŸ™‚

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