Kris Jenner opens up about divorcing Bruce Jenner!

Kris and Bruce Jenner

Kris Jenner sat down with Giuliani Rancic to discuss her reality star family, death of her first husband and how she feels like a “failure” because of the divorce she’s going through now!

She tells Giuliana:

“I signed up at the time for ‘happily ever ever,’ and it didn’t work out that way, and it makes me really sad. I feel like I failed at something, because I wanted it to be that relationship for the rest of my life. When I realized it wasn’t, then you want the next-best thing, and that’s an amazing friendship,”

Kris filed for divorce from Bruce, her husband of 22 years, in September. Both have agreed to split all assets evenly and share custody of youngest daughter Kylie, who is still a minor.

It’s good to see even if people can’t make their marriage work, they respect one another and remain friends!

The interview will air on the E! network all month in October.

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