Parents under investigation for letting their KIDS walk HOME from the PARK! #WTF?!

There was a time children played in their yard, at the park and even walked to school.

Looks like that time is OVER!

A couple in Silver Spring, Maryland is being investigated by Child Protective Services for allowing their children WALK HOME FROM THE PARK!

Danielle Meitiv spoke to CNN and says she’s a “Free Range Parent” as opposed to “helicopter parenting” – hovering over your child.

Do YOU think these parents did anything WRONG?! My take on it may be controversial, BUT these are the FACTS!!!! If you’re a PARENT who’s SCARED to let your kids play outside or walk to school, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS!

This country is a much safer place than when you and your parents grew up.

child abduction stats

Don’t let the 24 hour news cycle, filled with negative content, make you believe a lie. Let your kids play outside and explore!

They’ll be better people for it!

Source: CNN

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