Police find DRUGS in woman’s FAKE BUTT! #WTF?!

Drugs in FAKE BUTT!

Massachusetts police found DRUGS inside a woman’s FAKE ASS!

33 year old Jill Roy was arrested Sep. 16 in Buzzards Bay, Mass. after a bag filled with pills fell from her pants right in front of police! Police searched her car and also found marijuana!

While searching Roy, after she was arrested, Officer Nicole Bevilacqua noticed her underwear had a hard exterior. She asked what kind of underwear she had on, Roy said, “I don’t have a butt so I wear these and another pair of underwear under it.”

Roy became upset when asked to remove her fake butt, but complied. That’s when Bevilacqua saw a “large bulge” in her other pair of panties! The bulge was actually two plastic baggies with a total of 13 Oxycodone pills and $350 worth of heroin!

Roy is facing several narcotics charges!

Her FAKE BUTT was not confiscated.


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