One teacher’s assistant has left her position to take on a new one. Assume the position, BEND OVA to the FRONT and TWERK!
Jessica Vanessa 1!

Yes Jessica Vanessa at 22 is earning 6 figures by simply shaking her ASSets on Vine! Companies saw the attention Jessica gets and are paying large amounts of money in exchange for her to mention their products to her 2 million followers!

Jessica’s reason for no longer teaching in her words, ‘What I make in six seconds would take me four months to make as a teaching assistant. It’s definitely a blessing. I bought a new car, paid it off in full and I was able to get out of debt from the school that I graduated from.’

So HOW did she do it?! She explains, ‘It’s quite simple really, the more followers you get, the more advertisers want to pay you for mentioning their products – and I’ve got lots.’
Jessica Vanessa 2!

Jessica says she was a normal girl from Florida until her Vine videos went viral and now she’s an internet sensation!

However not every fan who follows her has positive feedback. ‘I’m not a celebrity but I do get a taste of what they have to go through – I have strangers calling me a whore, people calling me fat, people calling me ugly, people saying just about any mean thing you could say.’
Jessica Vanessa 3!

She’s grateful her family is behind her 100%, ‘They’re very open-minded people – they don’t look at it in any type of sexual way, they don’t look at it as degrading, they’re very supporting.’

This video is just a small sample of what you get when you follow Jessica Vanessa on Vine!

This 22 year old is making 6 figures and she’s debt free??!! Get it while you can girl! Get it while you can!

Source: DailyMail

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