She’s PREGNANT & her BF may BREAK IT OFF – he doesn’t WANT a BABY! #WhatGUYSThinkThursday!

Hispanic and African American women are raising our sons and daughters ALONE, with NO FATHERS, at a disproportionately higher rate than any other ethnicity. WHY?!

This woman’s BF may break things off because she’s PREGNANT! MEN say it’s the WOMAN’s RESPONSIBILITY to protect herself!

LISTEN to AUDIO from #WhatGUYSThinkThursday! Things get HEATED HERE!

NO it won’t work and NO he won’t stay with her?!


When two people are in a relationship and two people are having sex, BOTH persons are RESPONSIBLE and should be held accountable for ANYTHING that may happen. STD’s, CHILDREN, etc.

Step up people! Ladies, protect yourself and STOP GIVIN’ IT UP so QUICKLY!
Guys – be MEN! Too many women bringin’ up their kids with no Father’s. There is NO EXCUSE for that.

Drops mic…

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  • glenda
    November 6, 2014

    Poor girl I feel bad for her Dana. My heart goes to her

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