Snoop Dogg APOLOGIZES to Iggy Azalea!

Looks like the West Coat vs Australia aka Snoop Dogg vs Iggy Azalea BEEF has been SQUASHED!

Apparently rapper T.I has reached out to Calvin and asked that the Dogg take a step back and stop dissing his Grand Hustle Princess!

In a video Snoop Dogg posted on his instagram account he never says Iggy Azalea’s name, but mentions TIP so we all know who the apology is for.

The back and forth between got heated when Snoop released video calling Iggy a B****, C*** and threatened her! TMZ posted this video earlier today!

T.I stepping in is exactly what this situation needed! I caught up with him last weekend and he was CANDID and HILARIOUS – even when I asked what his FAVORITE SEXUAL POSITION is!

You gotta LOVE those answers and as for the Snoop vs Iggy BEEF – I’m just glad that mess is O V E R!

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