Teacher Alexandria Vera gets 10yrs for having SEX with her 13yr old student! #WTF?!

Alexandria Vera, 24, was sentenced to 10yrs in prison for having SEX with her 13 year old student! Vera claimed to investigators that the boy’s parents knew what was happening, approved of it and let their son stay over at her house and were supportive of her keeping the baby. The teacher had an abortion after being contacted by authorities, according to court documents. Reports say, Vera had pornographic pictures of herself and the boy on her phone and allowed other students to have sex in her home.

Vera, now 25, was allowed to remain free on bail during the trial, though was threatened with being sent back to jail after being accused of jogging around the track at the school where she lost her job. She is eligible for parole after five years

The boy, who turned 14 end of last year, is currently in foster care & Vera’s 4yr old remains with family.

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