That time Kanye West gave his award to UGK and OutKast because THEY deserved it…

At least this A-hole puts his money where his mouth is…

In 2007 Ye didn’t think he deserved to win Video of the Year and so he gave the award to the group that should have won – UGK!

Kanye’s rant is much more than just an attack on an artist – it’s a way to call out the “cult” known as the Grammy committee.

It took them ten years to recognize Hip Hop and those who do the voting are NOT as diverse as those making and purchasing the music.

Mainly white, over 40 males determine who “wins” a Grammy and well, that ain’t right. DIVERSITY is necessary to determine a true winner.

I’m in now way denying Kanye West is a jerk, but his antics have folks asking legitimate questions about an organization that is completely biased and out of touch.

Will Smith won a Grammy – he’s SAFE. Nothing against Will because I love him and his music, but…

Nas never won a Grammy. Proof the Grammys are SH*T.

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