Why does he TEXT instead of CALL me?! #TWL the Trouble with Love!

When researching this #TWL “Trouble with Love” topic, I found a lot of different write ups, but most appeared to be women trying to decipher, in their own minds, why men don’t pick the phone up and call anymore. I figured I’d use a different approach and just ASK some men to be honest!

They were BRUTALLY honest.


When I chat with my single girlfriends or take calls from women looking for love, often times they’re frustrated with the guys they’re “dating”. Dating… now there’s a loose term I’ll address next week!

One HUGE complaint from these women is men don’t call anymore and prefer to text message instead!

The women are often annoyed and even confused about the relationship because in reality they haven’t truly gotten to know the person behind the technology.

How can you know if someone is sincere, without hearing their voice?

You can’t.

So my “guy friends” responded to MY question, ironically via text, and told me why they text message vs calling a girl.

Here are their responses!

1. He’s blissfully unaware this even bothers you! Tell this man you want to TALK or pick the phone up and CALL HIM!text he doesn't know

2. He actually prefers texting! Here’s the twist – IF he wants to hear your TONE or it’s a SERIOUS issue, he’ll call. If he isn’t calling ever, he doesn’t feel the need to, yet. text he likes it

3. You made him feel creepy! Maybe you’re so used to text messages when he finally did call, your reaction threw him off! Maybe it’s time to send him a message that begins with “Hey! Call me tonight! I wanna talk to you about, blah blah, blah”.text creepy 4

4. He only wants to hit – plain and simple. He doesn’t want to make you his girlfriend, but he wouldn’t mind you coming over for a booty call. If you want a boyfriend, this isn’t the one.text booty call

From the stallions mouth, you have your answer.

Now it’s up to you to decide which “text relationship” you’re in and if you think you can move to the next level!

#TWL- the Trouble with Love!

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