Woman gets STUCK in her EX-BOYFRIEND’s CHIMNEY!!!! WTF?!

Hey – that ain’t Santa Claus!

On Sunday morning, Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, was ARRESTED after she was RESCUED from inside her ex-boyfriends CHIMNEY!

Police say she spent HOURS stuck in the CHIMNEY of a home her ex who had just DUMPED her!

The woman began screaming and crying and a neighbor heard her cries and dialed 911! The Ventura County Fire Department’s arrived at the scene and Miss Genoveva was discovered stuck in the chimney eight feet from the top! Yikes!

KTLA-TV released video of the heroes rescuing their damsel in distress!

Ex-boyfriend, who gave the name “Lawrence,” wasn’t home when the attempted break in took place, but said he had dated the woman recently and this was the SECOND time she had tried to break in!

Lawrence told police he met the suspect online and went out with her six times before ending the relationship!

His ex-girlfriend’s family is offering to pay for repair and say Genoveva is a good person!

Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa bail was set at $2,500!


Source: Huffington Post and KTLA-TV
Photo credit: Thousand Oaks Police

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