Women in RADIO, a toast to YOU!

I wrote a personal letter to my listeners about my experience in the broadcasting world of radio.

Within seconds, I realized that this is what ALL WOMEN face in the workforce EVERYWHERE.

Last night Alisa Valdes, (New York Times best selling author “The Dirty Girl’s Social Club”), asked me if it’s difficult being a woman in radio and moving ahead – especially Hip Hop.
Yes. I have support amongst my peers, however there are times when I’m told things that don’t quite make sense. ‘Morning drive isn’t normally for women. You should concentrate on midday’, ‘Maybe you should try to be more, you know, Hispanic’, ‘How about being more like so and so’, etc. Well, I will concentrate on mornings until my show is syndicated to as many markets as I can get. I am LATINA so I don’t know how to “act” more Hispanic and I can’t pretend to be anyone else besides myself. I know that in most work environments, it’s hard being a woman, because the men, usually running the show, either a. Have already decided where we “girls” belong at the company we work for, or b. Don’t think women, especially minority women, can handle situations as well as men. If we’re stearn and decisive it’s considered “bitchy” or “pushy” where a man is considered “assertive” and “strong”.
She also asked about my influences in radio. What a shame I only have Angie Martinez and Wendy Williams to reference. As if only TWO women in the entire country deserve a National platform. TV gets it with women in broadcasting – it’s time for RADIO to catch up!
The “status quo” mentality is a difficult one to break, but every woman who works hard, fights to achieve and continues to push, despite being told “you can’t do that”, will ensure equal pay, opportunity and RESPECT in the near future.
I absolutely love where I work and know without the platform I’m given, would never have the opportunity to reach so many people! So trust, I’m in no way complaining – only shedding light on a real issue that happens to women, in the workforce, everywhere.
As a creative and driven person, I always want to GROW.
The desire to achieve more and more NEVER ends; And I do not mean only monetarily.
Success, for me, is defined by my NEXT goal over and over and over.
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life everyday and earn a living doing what I love.
Thank you for making my show the MOST listened to show PERIOD.
Thank you for the disagreements, laughs, joy, tears, pain and fun we have everyday.
Thank you for being a friend!



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