14 lbs “HAIRBALL” removed from woman’s stomach! #WTF?!

Most of us, more than likely, crave food that may be considered “weird” to others. For example, I like Nacho Cheese Doritos with Best Maid pickles – together. YUM!

This woman likes hair. Her own hair. And a 14 lbs hairball was just removed from her stomach.

Six years ago, Sophie Cox, 23, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, was diagnosed with both trichotillomania, a condition where sufferers have a compulsive urge to pull out their hair, and trichophagia, where they eat it.  Cox said when she was stressed, she found comfort from plucking strands of hair and eating them during the day.




wtf hairball pic








I’ll take a number 2 with a side of human hair, please. Bleh!



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