Family TRAPPED in van DRAGGED for 16 miles UNDER a semi-truck! #WTF?!

This family vacation turned into a NIGHTMARE!

Roscommon County dispatcher’s received a CRAZY 911 call from Pamela Menz who informed the operator her van and FAMILY were trapped under the tail end of a semi-trailer and were being pulled down I-75!

Menz says in a calm voice, “Our windshield is completely shattered. I can’t see nothing. We ran into the back of a semi truck and he’s not stopping and we’re embedded underneath of it.”

While her husband sat in the drivers seat and their two grown children, ages 22 and 26, sat in the backseat, Mrs. Menz gave details of their location and described how they crashed into the semi while northbound on 1-75 near Roscommon!

The truck driver had NO IDEA the family was TRAPPED under its trailer!

The van was dragged for OVER 16 miles before authorities FINALLY brought the semi to a halt!


The 911 call is UNBELIEVABLE!

Source: MLive

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